It's a clip!

The most important rule of millitary intelligence is to
know your enemies. But, equally important
for survival in the concrete jungle,
might be to...

Know Your Friends

Chainletters, promising everything from health & wealth to endless life, waste more time and bandwidth than they're worth. However, a fun email recently did the rounds, offering nothing more than a glimpse into the quirky foibles of our friends - people just like us, with hopes & fears, passions and pet hates.

The Questions The Answers

If you haven't already been plagued by demands for your innermost secrets, go ahead and include your answers on the questionnaire page. Some extra items have been added to the original list by enthusiatic snoops, so feel free to add or change your answers.

Results of many submitted entries are shown here to illustrate how different we all are, and also how amazingly similar. Take a look for a giggle (or a gasp!) at your friends.

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