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Toy Capsules

We offer a large range of capsules, filled or empty, for all vending machines. Because "fillings" are imported directly from the East, Pro Vending's operators get the best value for money - hot items and new trends at killer prices. Desirable capsule contents for the kids means fast-selling merchendise and quick return on investment!

Capsules are available in 32, 50, 52, 60, 67 & 74mm sizes. The 32mm capsule is used in gumball machines, to hold vouchers, small prizes or free vend incentives. The 50 to 74mm units are filled with toys & other items, depending on the machine and coin preference. There is a capsule to fit every site.

Some toy fillings are constantly popular while others are fads that come and go. By constantly changing our mix, we keep the contents fresh and exciting. Collectable items allow kids to gather the whole series. More vends per machine, more happy kids, more happy operators.

These clever suprise packages are aimed at young, nagging kids. Mom & Dad can buy some time and peace of mind for the price of a small treat. Pro Vending's Toy Capsules remain fun. This is the secret of their success - the number one selling toy capsules in Southern Africa.

Toy Capsules

Size: 32mm round, 50mm round, 52mm dome, 54mm round, 65mm round, 75mm round
Capacity: Holds assorted toys

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